Verify My Address

When it comes to mailing addresses, close enough doesn't count. Having a street address but missing an apartment number is the same as having the www and .com but missing what comes in the middle. And unfortunately, we live in a time where some people choose to give incorrect addresses to avoid lenders or debt collectors. Verify My Address takes all the guesswork out of physical addresses. It also serves to verify that addresses in your files are actually there and tells you whether the address is a mail drop or a residence. Verify My Address is an important tool to improve and maintain data quality and data integrity.


  • Checks mailing addresses to make sure important information, like apartment numbers, are not missing
  • If information is missing, our artificial intelligence engine provides possible matches, such as apartment numbers attached to the particular mailing address
  • Our engine can determine whether a given house number or street actually exists in a given city
  • If information like mailing address is incorrect, Verify My Address suggests possible solutions to identify correct address

A Powerful Verification Tool at Your Fingertips

Verify My Address is a powerful XML interface backed by industry-leading technology. Data can be accessed via:

  • Web-based queries. Using our newly redesigned user interface, customers can submit online searches and receive Verify My Address reports in real-time.
  • Batch Uploads. Customers can email us the information they are looking for and we can supply them with a batched file of Verify My Address reports.
  • Custom Integration. We can integrate with just about any software platform, creating a seamless flow of information from us to our customers.

To help along the way, we offer free demos and training, both via web-based video conferencing and on-site. Just in case, emergency support is available 24/7.

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