Caller Location

To catch the biggest fish, you need the right bait. Caller Location offers a unique toll-free phone number that automatically captures the phone number of anyone who calls it. The beauty of Caller Location is each skip has its own corresponding unique toll-free number. This creates a surefire honeypot for when the individual returns the call. Caller Location is successful even though it reduces the amount of work needed to locate skipped accounts. Simply place a phone call or mail a letter to bait the hook.


  • Assigns a unique toll-free number for each skip account. When the debtor places a call to the unique number, the debtor's phone number is captured and recorded
  • Multiple toll-free numbers can be assigned to the same skip account, increasing the tracing capability by tying the toll-free number with a specific mailing address or known associate
  • System can capture phone number even if debtor calls from a non-published phone number or uses a call blocker
  • Captured phone numbers are updated and delivered in real-time, allowing for immediate follow-up contact

Skip-Tracing That Delivers

  • Whether you are looking for 10 skips or 10,000, Caller Location can handle the workload
  • No fee unless a traced call is captured
  • Caller Location is a product that is designed to increase location rates while also reducing the amount of time and effort that are spent on skip-tracing, creating a double-win scenario for our customers.

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