It seems as though anyone with an Internet connection these days is calling themselves a skip-tracer or cyber tracker. Truth is, it takes more than access to a search engine to find someone. Especially when you need to find someone quickly. It’s even harder when you’re trying to find things, such as assets and money. Knowing where not to look is almost as important as knowing where to look when it comes to finding individuals and their assets.


Our products offer investigators a comprehensive suite of databases from which to access up-to-date information on the whereabouts of individuals. Our databases include:

  • Landline and Wireless Telephone Information
  • Mailing addresses. More than 40% of our physical addresses are not found in traditional credit header entries
  • Email Addresses
  • Bank Account information
  • Driver’s License information
  • Known Associates. Nearly half of our known associates information is less than a year old.
  • Place of Employment data, including current and historical contact information, shift details and pay days

Seamless Workflow Integration

Not only is the information in our databases up-to-date and more comprehensive than offered by anyone else, but it is also more accessible. Investigators can access our information by:

  • Web-based interface
  • Batch upload
  • Custom integration with most software platforms

Among the products of interest in this industry:

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