CollectBOOST takes over where other collections-based skip-tracing products fall short, by offering a comprehensive portrait of a borrower, rather than just providing a phone number or mailing address. By receiving a more robust data report, collection agencies will have a higher degree of locating individuals who have skipped out on their credit obligations. CollectBOOST aims to improve skip-tracing efficiency by making the process more automated, thereby reducing the amount of time and resources that collection agencies need to dedicate to this important part of the business. By being able to divert resources to other areas and still improving location rates, collection agencies will see improved returns on investment and lower expenses. Customers will also have access to information that is updated daily. Notifications of updated information can be sent automatically, reducing the amount of oversight that often accompanies managing a portfolio of skips. Real-time monitoring and updating of accounts is a feature not available through most skip-tracing products.


  • Landline and wireless telephone numbers. The report includes all landline and wireless telephone numbers for the borrower.
  • Mailing addresses. About 40% of the addresses in CollectBOOST's database are not available through traditional credit-header data purchases.
  • Known Associates and Co-Borrower information. We provide our customers with a comprehensive listing of known associates, including friends, family members, and co-workers. Address and phone numbers are included.
  • Place of Employment Details. Along with contact information, we provide shift details and payday information associated with the borrower's Place of Employment.
  • Email addresses. Email addresses are important because they can offer glimpses at social media activity.

Reach the Right Parties Faster Using Our Automatic Updates

CollectBOOST is available to our customers in a variety of delivery channels:

  • Web-based queries. Using our newly redesigned user interface, customers can submit online searches and receive CollectBOOST reports in real-time.
  • Batch Uploads. Customers can email us the information they are looking for and we can supply them with a batched file of CollectBOOST reports.
  • Custom Integration. We can integrate with just about any software platform, creating a seamless flow of information from us to our customers.

To help along the way, we offer free demos and training, both via web-based video conferencing and on-site. Just in case, emergency support is available 24/7.

By combining a massive database of regularly updated records with easy access, US Tracers has created the perfect product for the collections industry.

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