ConstantSEE is the engine that drives many of the products and services offered by US Tracers. The proprietary technology creates a best-in-class platform that allows data to be returned faster than traditional database searches and for related data -- like known associates -- to be linked to your queries. The engine is so powerful, it can even return accurate results when a typo is included in a search query. ConstantSEE is the Google for skip-tracing.


  • Returns search results faster than traditional database programs; often in less than five seconds
  • Able to link related data, like known associates, to search queries, providing more robust results
  • Powerful enough to return accurate results when a typo is included in the search field

The Most Powerful Skip-Tracing Search Engine

As the engine that powers many of the products offered by US Tracers, ConstantSEE offers a best-in-class technology that analyzes data faster, returns more accurate results, and finds common links that were unknown previously.

If our data were stored in a traditional database, a search query for one of our reports could take up to five minutes to compile. With ConstantSEE, the results are provided in less than five seconds.

ConstantSEE is the platform that allows users to query our database via a web-based portal, upload batch files, or seamlessly integrate our products with their own software programs.

To help along the way, we offer free demos and training, both via web-based video conferencing and on-site. Just in case, emergency support is available 24/7.

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