Auto Repossessions

Until now, those involved in the auto repossession space had been forced to make do with data products geared toward other kinds of customers. There didn't exist an industry-specific data product to help repossession agents, forwarders, and auto lenders find delinquent debtors and locate defaulted collateral. Why should such a critical process be left to products that are best suited for other industries and asset classes? Repossessing vehicles is hard enough. Borrowers are becoming more creative and craftier in hiding vehicles and making themselves appear to disappear. The importance of a comprehensive skip-tracing and recovery effort can not be understated, especially in today's economy.


Our products help those involved in the repossession of automobiles find delinquent debtors and their friends and family members. We can provide:

  • Landline and wireless telephone details
  • Mailing addresses. More than 40% of our physical addresses are not found in traditional credit header entries
  • Known Associates. Nearly half of our known associates information is less than a year old.
  • Place of Employment data, including contact information, shift details and pay days

Triangulation is a very important part of repossession. More than 40% of the known associates in our database are less than a year old. That information can be invaluable in finding a car that a customer has hidden.

Receive Updates While on a Call

Recycling old data on an order of repossession helps nobody; it just wastes time and energy. And nobody has time or energy to waste. Including updated data on an order of repossession will increase recovery rates, save precious man-hours, and most of all, save money. Our suite of products makes finding people and cars easier than ever. The only way to win the battle against delinquent debtors is to try and stay even with them. Finding out where they are faster makes that possible. Our data is available in real-time, either by you querying the database or receiving email alerts from us telling you about updates to your accounts. This is incredibly important, especially if you're out in your truck looking for a vehicle. Other ways our data can be accessed include:

  • Web-based interface
  • Batch upload
  • Custom integration with most software platforms

Among the products of interest in this industry:

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