Debt Buying

The debt-buying industry is moved by one critical calculation: Return on Investment. The key to achieving the highest ROI possible is to keep expenses down. That is the one lever that debt buyers have to try and maximize their ROI. US Tracers offers a number of products that help automate the data collection and skip-tracing processes and provide a higher quality of information to reduce expenses and help debt-buying firms improve their ROI. Our data can also be used before a portfolio is purchased to help determine the estimated returns based on the availability of data for each of the debtors in the portfolio. Using an accurate data platform to score a portfolio is an important component of ensuring accuracy in establishing potential returns.


These location-based products include:

  • Landline and Wireless Telephone Information
  • Bank account information, which can be used to help enforce judgments
  • Email Addresses
  • Mailing addresses
  • Social Security Number validation
  • Known Associates.
  • Place of Employment data, including current and historical contact information, shift details and pay days

Easy to Use; Difficult to Stop Using

What makes our products even more attractive is their ease of use. Our goal is to create an efficient and easy-to-use interface that allows debt buyers to focus on what they do best: maximize their returns on investment. We can even monitor your accounts for you, saving you the time and effort of checking to see if any of your customers have new information. We can send you automatic email alerts to let you know of new information. Along with this exciting feature, we also offer access via:

  • Web-based interface
  • Batch upload
  • Custom integration with most software platforms

Among the products of interest in this industry:

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