There are a multitude of skip-tracing data providers available to collection agencies. What separates the best providers from the rest is the quality and quantity of the data available along with the accessibility of that data. We will drastically reduce the number of phone calls you need to make to find your debtors. Our objective is to help collection agencies improve their ROI by making them more efficient and saving them time and resources. For starters, more than 40% of the addresses in our database will not be found in traditional credit header entries. If your current data provider is only giving you that, you’re missing out. Want more? Nearly half of the known associates in our database are less than a year old. That means that when we give you Aunt Jennie’s phone number as a known associate, there’s a great chance that the individual has been in contact with Aunt Jennie recently and you’re not wasting a phone call.


We offer a wide array of products and services that help collection agencies locate, identify, and verify individuals and their information. As well, our products not only help collection agencies find debtors, but can be used to help score accounts to prioritize those with a higher probability of success. Our offerings include:

  • Physical Address Verification
  • Landline and Wireless Telephone Information
  • Social Security number verification
  • Bank Account information
  • Driver’s License information
  • Known Associates
  • Email Addresses

Getting You the Information You Need. Now.

Data companies that try to slap a new coat of paint on and recycle the same old information time and again are a dime a dozen. We offer collection agencies the best of both worlds: a large volume of data that helps collection agencies save money. And saving you money is the one area where other data companies will ultimately fall short. We couple our tremendous breadth and depth of data with real-time updates that keep you focused on what you do best: collecting money. Let us do the work and notify you when an account has new contact information. You can access our data via:

  • Web-based interface
  • Batch upload
  • Custom integration with most software platforms

Among the products of interest in this industry:

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