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All too often, auto finance gets lumped into the wrong category. Sometimes, auto lending gets lumped in with mortgages. Other times, it's credit cards or student loans that are in the same boat. But auto finance is an asset class unto itself. The asset is secured, like a mortgage, but the value depreciates over time. Like credit cards and student loans, it is easy for a borrower to skip out on a debt. In many cases, taking the asset along for the ride. Being unique has its advantages. Like the opportunity to access industry-specific data, specifically catered to help auto lenders verify loan application criteria on the front end and locate delinquent debtors and defaulted collateral on the back-end.


Our products and services can help anyone involved in the auto finance industry, including lenders; third-party servicers; collection agencies; debt-buying firms; repossession forwarders; buy-here, pay-here dealers; and skip-tracing professionals. Our data can make sure that your prospective customers are who they say they are and we can help you find them when they go missing:

  • Landline and wireless telephone details
  • Mailing addresses. More than 40% of our physical addresses are not found in traditional credit header entries
  • Co-Borrowers and Known Associates
  • Place of Employment data, including contact information, shift details and pay days

Specific Solutions for Auto Lenders

The universe is becoming more specialized. Data is becoming more specialized. Auto lenders need industry-specific information to help them stay on top of their customers, before, during and after they stop making their payments. Unique doesn't have to mean different. It can mean better, too. We can make you better by offering a multitude of access points to our databases, including:

  • Web-based interface
  • Batch upload
  • Custom integration with most software platforms

Among the products of interest in this industry:

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