Nobody lives or works in a vacuum. Effective collaboration can be a huge driver of innovation. New partners spark new ideas which ignite evolution and revolution throughout an industry. We at US Tracers are always looking for companies and individuals interested in partnering with us. We’ve listed a number of partnership opportunities below, but please contact us if you have a different idea.

Software Integration

US Tracers’ databases, reports, user interface, batch interface, and supporting technologies have been built on our powerful ConstantSEE platform. This platform is a combination of software and hardware optimized to store massive amounts of data as-is (with errors, typos, etc.) and enables accurate searching of this data as if it was relatively error-free. When compared with conventional database technology, the user experience is improved through faster query times (often minutes to seconds) while providing better results.

ConstantSEE can be integrated into almost any existing software or web-based system using various methods, a few popular choices are:

  • Web Services (SOAP, WCF, HTTPS/JSON)
  • Batch (via web interface, SFTP file exchange, or Web Services)
  • ASP.NET Server Controls
  • SharePoint Web Parts

We can build a seamless interface that allows your customers, association members, or employees to easily access our data while integrating it into your current workflows. Please contact us if you would like to integrate our data into your house or third-party web or software application.

Data Sourcing

We’re always looking for new data sources, especially unique and uncirculated data. Our preference is real-time data that we can store locally within ConstantSEE. If you have data or are aware of a data source that could be used to help locate and identify delinquent debtors, criminals, businesses, assets, or defaulted collateral, please contact us. This data could include: consumers, businesses, phones (landline or wireless), emails, Place of Employment (POE), personal identifiers, etc.

All data must have been collected in accordance with all federal, State, and local laws, statutes, rules and regulations including but not limited to FCRA. We are willing to purchase data outright or negotiate revenue-sharing agreements for worthwhile information but we find our most fruitful relationships are those that allow us to add value by drawing on our mutual strengths. For example, we may be able to help improve a pre-existing core product that would result in more realized value than a conventional arrangement. Give us a call and we’d be happy to explore the possibilities.

Data Storage and Outsourcing

Maintaining a database and developing a robust platform like ConstantSEE to store data is no easy feat. Along with the extensive costs that go along with owning and operating a data center, there are many other expenses that often go overlooked. These expenses include:

  • software development
  • database design and administration
  • hardware and Storage Area Networks
  • network infrastructure
  • network and physical security
  • antivirus and malware protection
  • database software
  • building and maintaining front-end user interfaces to access the data
  • creating batch interfaces and automation mechanisms
  • real-time IT support

We can store and maintain your data for you, providing you with a low-cost outsourcing option or act as a disaster recovery site. Please contact us to discuss storing your data on our secure servers. We can even develop custom-built user interfaces and integration solutions to make sure your data is even more accessible than it may be in your current local environment.


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